EZ Baccarat and Panda 8 Side Bet Explained

Baccarat is a fun game to play. We have already introduced Live Baccarat variations you can play online and provided you with their basic rules. In this article, we bring you details about so-called EZ Baccarat, the version of the game that comes with no 5% commission fee reduced from winnings on the Banker bet. Stay with us to learn all about EZ baccarat rules and gameplay as well as about its side bets that add more excitement to it.

Rules and Gameplay

When it comes to the rules of this game variant, they do not diverge from the standard game. You can play three main bets – Banker, Player and Tie. Just like in other Baccarat games, in EZ Baccarat, the Banker bet comes with the best odds of winning. If you win on it, your payout won’t be 0.95:1 but 1:1. However, to compensate for the loss, the game introduces a rule according to which the Banker bet on the 3-card hand totalling 7 ends in a push. In EZ Baccarat played with a 6-deck shoe, the Banker bet comes with a house edge of 1.018%, which is lower than a 1.17% house edge of the standard Baccarat game.

There are no other differences between the standard game variant and EZ Baccarat when it comes to gameplay. However, this version of the game offers two exciting side bets that will provide you with an opportunity to win some bigger prizes.

Side Bets

Most Baccarat variants offer side bets. Yet, optional bets in EZ Baccarat differ from all side bets we have ever seen in a Baccarat game. They include Dragon 7 and Panda 8, which is an obvious reference to Chinese culture. Let’s see how they function.

  • Dragon 7: with this side bet you predict that a 3-card hand will have a total of 7. As you can see, when you play the Banker bet and this situation happens, the round ends in a push. On the other hand, if you play the Dragon 7 side bet, this situation earns you a payout of 40:1.
  • Panda 8: this optional bet wins when you have a 3-card hand totaling 8. The respective payout stands at 25:1.

Just like other side bets, Dragon 7 and Panda 8 have a higher house edge. The Dragon 7 bet has a 7.6% house edge while Panda 8 comes with a house margin of 10.19%. However, both side bets have a lower house edge than Tie, which pays 8:1 and has a house margin of 14%.

EZ Baccarat Strategy

EZ Baccarat is a game based on luck, so you cannot rely on any strategy to help you beat the house. What you can do is manage your bankroll properly. Avoid betting systems and keep track of the betting options you have played to plan your next moves. When on a losing streak, make sure to decrease your stake. Some believe that card counting can help you increase your odds at EZ Baccarat, but it does not apply to online card games.

If you have been wondering whether you should play EZ Baccarat and its Panda 8 side bet, the answer to this question should be based on your playing style. If you like to take risks, go for Panda 8 or Dragon 7 from time to time as they can earn you some nice payouts. As for the game itself, you should definitely give it a try as it pays even money on the best banking option – the Banker bet.

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