Side Bets in Baccarat Explained

Baccarat side betsBaccarat is one of the most popular casino games among high-rollers. Players with deeper pockets love to risk and besides three basic bets, they can also place side bets to increase possible payouts. Side bets are available at certain tables and come with a higher house edge which simply means that the casino has the advantage over the player. You don’t have to be a high-roller to play side bets, so if you want to know how to add more excitement to the gameplay and win more, stay with us to learn about the most popular types.

Dragon Bonus Bet

Dragon Bonus is one of the most popular side bets in Baccarat. Players can place a Dragon Bonus bet on on the banker or the player. With this side bet, you predict that the chosen opponent will win with 9 natural points or with at least 4 points. The bet is highly popular due to the possible payout of 30:1 for natural 9 points. Other outcomes pay well too, so 8 points pay 10:1, 7 points 6:1 and 6 points pay 4:1. If the spread is 5 points, you get paid 2:1 and with 4 points 1:1.

If both the banker and the player have 9 points, it is a tie. When you play the Dragon Bonus bet on a player, the house edge is 2.65% whereas on the banker is 9.37%. The house edge rate may vary depending on the number of decks in play.

Big and Small Bets

Big and Small bets are available in the Baccarat variant offered by Playtech. If both the player and the banker have four cards, the Small bet wins. The Big bet wins if they have five or six cards. Small bets pay 3:2 whereas the Big bet payout is 0.54:1. The house edge for these bets is 5.27% and 4.35% respectively when the game is played with six decks.

Perfect Pair Bet

This Baccarat bet available at Live Baccarat tables powered by Playtech. If the first two cards are of the same value and suit, the Perfect Pair bet wins. A pair of the same suit pays 25:1 and when played with six decks, the bet comes with the house edge of 17%. If the game uses eight decks, the house edge is 13%.

Either Pair Bet

At Playtech-powered casinos, you can also bet that the first two banker’s or player’s cards will contain any pair. If you win when playing this bet, you will score 5:1. When played with six decks, this game comes with the house edge of 14.5% whereas with eight decks it decreases to 13.7%.

Lucky Bonus Bet

The Lucky Bonus bet can be played at gambling houses in the United States. You bet that the banker will win with six points. If the bet wins, you get paid 18:1. This is the only side bet with a negative house edge which is -2.34%. Since the player has the advantage over the casino with this bet, its value cannot be higher than 10% of the basic stake. If you continue placing Lucky Bonus bets along with the basic ones over the rounds, the total house edge can increase to 1.11%.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, playing side bets can be really fun due to higher payouts than those offered by the basic bets. Yet, you have to keep in mind that odds of winning are lower with side bets and that the casino has the advantage over you. The Lucky Bonus bet is the most favourable one obviously, but it is not offered at many casinos. If you want to take your chance with side bets on online and live Baccarat, look out for casinos that offer these variants. Dragon Bonus, Small and Big bets might result in winnings, so you should consider giving them a try.