Baccarat for Beginners

We know you’ve heard more talk about such card games like poker or blackjack, but baccarat is just as appreciated in gambling circles, and has been for decades now. For a long time it was considered a game exclusively for aristocratic, bon vivant casino clientele and even today people are often intimidated by it, for reasons unknown but suspected to have something to do with the fact that the game is associated with European aristocrats and James Bond – therefore it must be terribly tedious, confusing and ultimately not an average card player’s cup of tea. Wrong! Baccarat has straightforward rules, one of the lowest house edges out of all the table games and thanks to online casino websites it is now accessible to everyone with internet connection and good will to try out the game.

Game Basics

Let’s say you’re interested in playing online baccarat (and you obviously are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this). What should you know? First and foremost, rules of the game. At least take some time to grasp the game’s basics. In short, baccarat is a comparing card game where the player mostly participates in a passive way. Cards are dealt through a shoe, and generally the shoe holds eight decks of playing cards. So, there are two people involved in a baccarat session, the player and the banker, aka the dealer. The two compare hands, the one with the larger value wins. And you can only place three types of bets: dealer’s hand wins, player’s (your) hand wins or draw, aka tie. Note the cards don’t have their original values, but are submitted to a specific point system where tens and face cards get 0 points and so on. The highest score in baccarat is 9.

Game Objective and Payouts

Now the key to playing baccarat the right way is to know what bets to invest in and which ones you should ignore, a similar principle like in blackjack. Selecting the type and the size of the bet is all you have to do in the process while the dealer deal three cards each and proceeds to distribute payouts at the end of each hand. Things get interesting when you find out that different bets have different odds predetermined by the casino. Betting on the banker or the player usually results in approximate payout amounts, and wagering on a tie could result in the highest win considering the pay-off is at a high 8-1 odds.

One of the basic tips seasoned baccarat players will tell you is not to place your bet on a tie. Tempting as it may be, this decision is almost always a bad idea. Because ties happen extremely rarely, the payouts follow such high odds, and in the long run you won’t profit from pursuing to win a tie bet. It will drain your bankroll and your patience will be seriously compromised.

Useful Advice

Allow us to give you a few pieces of advice before you leap into the dazzling world of online baccarat. Once you’ve found a respectable online casino pay attention to the house edges for baccarat variants. It so often happens that the house advantage stays at 5%, but if you look hard enough you could find online baccarat games with lower house edges of 4% and even as low as 2.75%. In addition, you should try place smaller bets at the beginning of your baccarat career. Don’t get us wrong, it will hopefully evolve into something rewarding and highly entertaining for you, but for starters don’t overdo it. Only when you’ve reached higher level of confidence and you feel like you’ve mastered the subtleties of the gameplay you may place large scale bets.