Live Baccarat Variations

Preferred by those who do not flinch from betting big, Baccarat is a simple-to-master card game, similar in its structure to Blackjack, but with one important difference – there is no know strategy that can be implemented to Baccarat.

In order to keep things fresh, casino operators often include both the standard Baccarat variant together with at least a couple of more tables that offer different dynamics, faster game pace or a few more betting options apart from the main three Banker, Player and Tie. The most common Live Baccarat variations found in online casinos that stream live tables are:

  • Live Squeeze Baccarat
  • Speed Baccarat
  • In-Running Baccarat
  • Progressive Baccarat
  • High Limit Baccarat
  • Low Limit Baccarat
  • Mini Baccarat

Live Squeeze Baccarat

An extremely popular version of Baccarat that adds edge to the overall excitement by allowing the players a sneak-peak at the dealt cards. There is a certain art to mastering card squeezing and revealing just enough of the card to keep the adrenaline pumping but not actually showing what the card is ahead of time.

Squeeze Baccarat is especially popular among Asian players, which is why you will mostly find this game version in online casinos targeting Asian market. For those who had not come across this variance of Baccarat yet, it is important to underline that squeezing the cards will not change the hand outcome – the feature was merely added to stir things up a bit.

Speed Baccarat

Not all players can play at the same pace – some need more time to plan on their next move and re-think their betting strategies, while others prefer fact pace games with a higher number of bets. This is where Speed Baccarat comes in, as a super speedy Baccarat variant where each of the actions is reduced to seconds, maintaining fast rhythm and smooth gameplay.

In-Running Baccarat

A bit more complex version of the game, divided into two different stages, “unlocking” the second phase only if you decide to place the follow-up bet. The second betting stage starts when the dealer deals a card for the Player, followed with a new card for the Banker, thus starting a new betting session.

Of course, should the player decide against placing additional bets, the course of the game corresponds to the rules of the standard Baccarat.

Progressive Baccarat

Together with the regular payout table, Progressive Baccarat offers a separate payout rate and optional side bets, 5 % of which are being contributed to the progressive jackpot. The main prize is awarded if the Player and the Banker both have matching suited Ace and 8.

High Limit Baccarat vs Low Limit Baccarat

The names of these two variants clearly indicate the betting limit; the High Limit is the type of Baccarat with the betting limits running above average and making the variant more suitable for high rollers, while Low Limit version reduces the stake limit to a more affordable amount, that fits every pocket.

Mini Baccarat

Another fast pace Baccarat version that simplifies the table layout and restricts the player’s input, allowing only dealer to deal the cards. Essentially, there is no difference between standard and Mini Baccarat, except for the table layout and the speed of the sessions.

Often, Live Baccarat variant that a casino provides is named after the side bet it offers, while the rules and the game structure remain the same. Do not be confused by titles such as Super 6 Baccarat, Baccarat pairs or Dragon Bonus – it is still the same game with optional side bets under the same names.

In Super 6 Baccarat for example, players can bet that Banker will win on 6, while Baccarat Pairs features additional payouts for Banker/Player pair combinations, with higher payment rates for suited pairs.

Dragon Bonus consists out of Dragon Bonus Player and Dragon Bonus Banker, and the player bets which of the two hands will have a higher value.

Most of the variants mentioned above can be played in some of the best Baccarat casinos.