Avoid Baccarat Strategies that Don’t Work

Baccarat is a game of luck and while some strategy can help you improve your odds there is no strategy that will help you win. In fact, there are plenty of strategies being marketed that not only don’t work, but give you a false sense of security thinking they do. Remember, baccarat is a game of luck and if you know the rules of the game, the best bets to make, and how to manage your money then that’s really all the strategy you need. The following are some of the biggest strategies offered by so called baccarat “gurus” and they don’t work or at least not consistently so they are best to steer clear of.

Don’t Use Previous Bets

Many baccarat players have this notion that what happened before might affect what will happen in the future. That is actually not the case with baccarat and previous bets really have nothing to do with future bets. It’s best to start each bet and game of baccarat with a clean slate. The odds start over every time so keep this in mind.

No Tie Bets

Some baccarat strategists will recommend betting on a tie. However, the house edge for a tie is very high and it’s not in your best interest to bet on a tie. In fact, the best strategy is to bet on either the player or the banker, but not on a tie. Your odds will be better and over the course of an evening you will win more.

Winning Run

Many times baccarat strategists will tell you to keep playing through a winning streak. This is bad advice because if you play through a winning streak you will end up losing all of your winnings. If you want to win at baccarat the only way to do so is by stopping while you are winning. This is very difficult to do, but it’s the best way to actually take winnings home with you!

Patterns Don’t Work

Something else to keep in mind when playing baccarat is that patterns don’t work. There is no reason to waste your time marking X and O on a sheet of paper trying to “track” a baccarat pattern. There are eight decks of cards randomly shuffled together every single hand so there are no patterns. It would be a different story if the deck were never shuffled, but it is so this strategy is a waste of time and effort.

These are just a few strategies that are touted as working and they don’t. Of corse, you can try them for yourself if you are convinced they will work for, but you will either wind up losing your bankroll, time, or both. The best strategy when it comes to playing baccarat is knowing the rules, betting only on the banker or dealer, and knowing when it’s time to stop. If you can stick to those strategies then you are more likely to play better and win more money in the long run.