Baccarat Money Management

Best Tips when Playing BaccaratYou have already played Baccarat games and you know all the rules by heart but you feel that you can do it all better. If you have already perfected your strategy and you think that there is still a room for improvement, you can consider implementing Baccarat money management which can help you increase the amount of winning bets over a period of time. This involves applying betting systems which can help you make the most of playing the game. However, the most important thing is to keep your Baccarat bankroll separated from the rest of your money.

Positive Progression Betting

Two most popular positive progression betting strategies are the Parlay and the Paroli. They are called positive progression betting systems as you increase your bets whenever you win. With the Parlay betting strategy you raise your bets by the amount of your winnings after you have had a winning hand. Once you lose, you should return to the original bet. For instance, if you bet one unit and you win, you have a two unit balance you should wager on your next hand. If you win in the second hand, you wager four unit bet on your third hand and if you lose, you place one unit bet on the next hand. To prevent losing large amounts of money, set the maximum betting limit and stick to it.

When using the Paroli betting system, players should double their bets whenever they win. To reduce losses, players should return to their original bets when they lose. You should not wager on a tie with this betting system.  Start with one unit bet on the first hand. If you win, you wager two units on the second hand. If you win again, you should wager four unit bet on the third hand. If you lose, you should place the initial bet again. To avoid big losses, limit your bets.

Negative Progression Betting

The most popular negative progression strategy is the Martingale. This Baccarat money management system is based on your losses, so you should raise your bets as you lose which is opposite from the Paroli and Parlay strategies. Double your bet whenever you lose and whenever you win go back to the original amount. With this system you have to pay attention to the table limit and avoid losing your money. Do some maths before you start applying this system and know how many rounds the table limit allows you to bet on.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

With this strategy you should place one unit bet on your first hand, 3 units on the second, 2 units on the third hand, and 6 unit bet on your fourth hand. This system is used to help players win money during shorter winning streaks and it is less aggressive then negative progression. According to the theory, players can win on every one or two bets, so if you are lucky enough to win when placing higher stakes, you can recover from losses and gain a profit slowly but steadily. It is recommended that you bet on the player as the banker’s hand comes at the commission which will decrease your winnings.

Now that you have learned how you can manage your bankroll by using a variety of betting systems, you can play online Baccarat at live or virtual tables and boost your winnings. Implement the strategy to your preferences and stick to it along with the general tips you have already acquired. Keep in mind that you must set the win and loss limits and must not exceed the bankroll.