Land-Based vs. Online Baccarat

Baccarat is probably one of the most popular casino games at Macau-based brick-and-mortar casinos. Thanks to technology advancements, we can play it today from the comfort of our homes and even on the go and enjoy a genuine casino atmosphere. Although the land-based and online version of Baccarat share most features, there are still some differences we will discuss in this article.


Basically, land-based and online Baccarat are played in the same way. Players choose whether they will bet on the Banker, Player or Tie. The house edge for these bets is the same in both versions of the game, yet the stakes may vary. Land-based casinos offer Baccarat tables with higher stakes. Actually, it is the most popular casino game with high-rollers.

With the introduction of live-dealer Baccarat, higher stakes are now accepted at online casinos as well. However, while at a land-based casino you need to wager at least $10 or $25, online Baccarat can be played at $1 or $5 at live tables. Stakes at RNG-operated tables are even lower, starting at $0.10 per round. As for maximum stakes, online casinos offer tables supporting up to $15,000 per round, which is perfect for high-rolling players ready to risk.

Another difference between land-based and online Baccarat is in the side bets. While most brick-and-mortar casinos offer two standard game variants, Punto Banco and Mini Baccarat, on the web you can find a variety of Baccarat games with different side bets you can try your luck on for a chance to win bigger payouts.

Game Variants

As we have previously mentioned, when playing Baccarat online, one can take advantage of different side bets. This is due to the fact that online casinos offer more game variants than land-based ones. Although the game basics remain the same, there are certain features that add to the atmosphere of the game like Squeeze we have already presented to you.

Gameplay-wise, at online casinos, players can choose from fast-paced game variants like Live Baccarat Speed by Evolution with rounds completed within 27 seconds only. Some online casinos offer No Commission Baccarat where the house does not reduce a 5% commission fee when the Banker bet wins. Players can also enjoy versions of the game offering side bets like Banker Pair and Player Pair, Player Bonus, Banker Bonus or Perfect Pairs.


Classy dressed people, professional dealers and an atmosphere full of anticipation and excitement. That’s what you can expect at land-based Baccarat tables. On the other hand, when playing online, it’s only you and your computer or handheld device. While live Baccarat is broadcast from land-based studios and casinos with real-life dealers operating the game, it still cannot beat the land-based version of the game when it comes to the atmosphere.

If you cannot afford to play Baccarat at a brick-and-mortar casino, you should go for live Baccarat. Most live dealer tables allow you to chat with dealers and other players, which adds a social element to the solitary activity of playing casino games online.

Closing Thoughts

Although land-based Baccarat may seem more attractive, the online versions of the game offer more options to novice and experienced players alike. You can join virtual or live Baccarat tables any time you like from the comfort of your home or on the go. A betting range supported by online Baccarat is wider thus allowing players of different budgets to take a chance on the game. Those who like taking risks can opt for side bets paying some big prizes.

Check out the best online Baccarat casinos and have fun wherever you are!