Dragon 7 Baccarat Side Bet Explained

Unlike Blackjack or Poker, Baccarat is a table game that doesn’t come in many variations. Yet, there are still Baccarat variants that provide players with fresh gaming experience. One of them is EZ Baccarat, the game variant we have already introduced on our gaming portal dedicated to this exciting card game. In this article, we will cover one of the side bets you can play in this version of the game. Stay with us to learn its basics and how to make the most of playing it.

What Is Dragon 7 Side Bet?

To understand how the Dragon 7 side bet works, you need to know the basics of EZ Baccarat. This is a no commission Baccarat variation where you win a 1:1 payout if the Banker side wins and you have placed your bet on it. That means the standard 5% commission is not reduced from payouts on Banker bets. However, this version of the game introduces a rule that balances the house edge. According to it, if the Banker side has a 3-card hand of 7, the round ends in a push. So, the player who has placed a Banker bet will get their original wager back without a prize on top of it.

Now, we have the Dragon 7 side bet. Only by playing it, you can win a prize when the Banker side has a 3-card hand worth 7. Instead of a 1:1 payout you would regularly win on the Banker bet, the Dragon 7 bet will earn you a staggering 40:1. Yet, playing this bet involves more risk as its house edge stands at 7.61%.

When it comes to playing the Dragon 7 bet, here are a few things you should keep in mind. First, to play this optional bet, you must place one of the main bets – Banker, Player or Tie. Its size can be smaller or bigger than the main bet, or you can wager the same amount if you wish to.

Dragon 7 and Card Counting

On the Internet, you can stumble upon articles suggesting that card counting can help you beat the Dragon 7 side bet. According to them, the more naturals (winning with a hand of 8 or 9) occur, the higher the chances to win on the Dragon 7 side bet. What these articles imply is that a natural contains only two cards that total an 8 or 9. To win on the Dragon 7 wager, you need a 3-card hand worth 7.

EZ Baccarat is a game played at land-based casinos. It uses a standard 52 deck of cards in a shoe with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 decks. However, in most cases, it is played with a 6-deck shoe. Knowing how the bet functions, it is easy to conclude that the more 8s and 9s are removed from the deck, the higher the odds of winning on the Dragon 7 bet.

Closing Thoughts

Side bets are more about luck than skill, and the Dragon 7 bet is no exception. Although some experts claim that you can gain leverage over it by card counting, you should be aware of the fact that there is no foolproof method that will help you overcome the high house edge, which in this case sits at 7.61%. We don’t suggest not giving the Dragon 7 bet a shot at all, but you should play it responsibly taking care about your bankroll. That’s the only way to enjoy the gameplay to the fullest.

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