Should You Ever Play Tie Bet in Baccarat?

The first thing you learn about Baccarat is that you should always play a Banker bet. The next thing you learn is that you should never play a Tie bet. In this article, we want to check out if it is so. The truth is that the Tie bet comes with the highest house edge, but it varies depending on the game’s paytable. Stay with us to learn if you should ever play the Tie bet in Baccarat.

What Is Tie Bet?

The Tie bet is one of the three main wagers in Baccarat. When playing it, you bet that both the Player and the Banker hand will be of the same value. Like a push in Blackjack. However, while in Blackjack you get your original bet back, with the Tie bet you win a payout. Actually, it is the most lucrative bet in Baccarat. Another difference is that you cannot bet on a push in Blackjack while in Baccarat you have to place the Tie bet if you want to win the biggest prize. In case a round ends in a push and no one has played the Tie bet, no one loses or wins in Baccarat.

When it comes to payouts, they differ from game to game and casino to casino. At most casinos, you will find Baccarat games where the Tie bet pays out 8:1. At others, this wager pays 9:1, which make this bet even more attractive to players. As for house edge, it depends on the paytable in play. That means that the Tie bet paying 8:1 comes with a house edge of 14.36% while the one paying 9:1 has a lower house edge of 4.84%. The good news is that most online casinos offer games with a higher payout and a lower house edge.

Tie Bet Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of playing the Tie bet is that it can pay up to 9:1. It definitely adds more excitement to the gameplay knowing that other two main bets, Banker and Player, pay 0.95:1 and 1:1. However, Baccarat is a game of chance where you cannot do much to increase your odds of winning. Although card counting is an option, in Baccarat, this technique is not as reliable as in Blackjack. it is risky to play the Tie bet based on the card count.

As for disadvantages, the Tie bet can drain your bankroll. On average, a tie or push happens once in every 10 or 11 rounds. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that you can lose a lot of money if you play it on a regular basis.

What You Can Do

Some Baccarat experts suggest that you should go for the Tie bet when the shoe is rich in even cards like 2, 4, 6 or 10s and face cards. This theory is plausible since two even cards add up to an even number. However, it requires card counting that you cannot apply to online RNG-operated games. When it comes to the live dealer versions of Baccarat, the deck penetration is typically not that deep that you can rely on the card count.

Others have tried to apply the Martingale betting system where you double your bet whenever you lose. To use this system, you need a large bankroll and must be ready for a losing streak. While this system works better with bets that pay larger amounts than even-money bets, applying it while playing the Tie bet is one of the riskiest moves you can make in Baccarat.