Though the game of Baccarat has always been a staple of the casino industry, a few variations have come up over the years. Specifically, more and more options for No Commission Baccarat have been popping up lately at top online casinos.
If you’re confused about what is No Commission Baccarat and how it’s different from the regular version, you’ve come to the right place.

What is No Commission Baccarat?

Simply put, it’s a variant of Baccarat that replaces the 5% commission on banker wins. Instead, the returns are reduced to 0.5 odds if the banker wins with a 6. Let’s elaborate.
Baccarat has some of the lowest house edge percentages among top casino games. As you may have guessed, the chance of one side winning is not always 50/50 despite the even money returns. This mostly comes down to the basic rules regarding when and why a third card is drawn.
Long story short, the banker has a slightly higher chance of winning. Statistically, 1.000 hands would result in 458 banker wins, 446 player wins, and 96 ties. Since players can decide to wanger on either side, you can see how this would be a problem for the casinos. To counteract this, the house usually takes a 5% cut on all wins resulting from banker bets.
There are some issues with this, though. Firstly, the players don’t like having to give up a piece of their winnings. Second, the casinos don’t like it because it slows down games and gives the dealer extra work. And so, they figured out a way to reduce the advantage of banker bets without charging a commission.
Their solution was to just reduce player winnings in one specific scenario – a banker win with a score of 6. If this happens, the player receives a payout at odds of 0.5/1. Everything else remains the same. All other bets are even-money, even other banker wins.

Is No Commission Baccarat Good?

More specifically, is it better than the regular version? Well, the only factor to consider is the No Commission Baccarat house edge.
Let’s go back to our previous 1,000-hand example and say we’re betting $1 each time. The 5% commission rate pushes the stats in the house’s favour, resulting in a $10.90 net loss due to the house edge. Bear in mind that we’re only referring to the commission, and not the overall RTP.
As for commission-free baccarat games, the 6-score scenario would occur 54 times out of 1,000. Due to the reduced returns, the theoretical net loss would end up being around $15 – $4 worse than the regular version. This implies No Commission Baccarat RTP is lower – though it’s almost negligible.

Commission Free Baccarat Variants

We mentioned a few software developers have already pushed out live online No Commission Baccarat games. Here are a few options.

  • Evolution No Commission Baccarat – One of the most successful live dealer No Commission Baccarat options. Boasts 6 side bets and an excellent quality live stream.
  • Microgaming No Commission Baccarat – An RNG No Commission Baccarat made in partnership with Switch Studios. Unlike most other options on this list, this is not a live table casino game.
  • Ezugi Baccarat No Commission – much like Evolution’s take, only quicker and simpler. It offers a smaller number of side bets but faster gameplay.