Progressive Baccarat: Play at Select Playtech Casinos

Baccarat is a thrilling game, one that has invited many developers to try their luck at their own version. Some tables entice you with multipliers, while others tempt you by offering no commission on banker wins. These are all very tempting options, but all of them fall short next to Playtech’s latest baccarat venture. After all, how can anything compete with the potential of winning a huge progressive jackpot?

The developers brilliantly adjusted the age-old game of baccarat to support a shot at winning a massive prize. This bonus benefits players even if they are shy of scoring the progressive jackpot itself! What new things does Progressive Baccarat offer? We take a deep dive into this release to find out!

What is Progressive Baccarat?

As its name clearly implies, Progressive Baccarat seeks to integrate a progressive jackpot into our favourite game. We have to admit, the developer does a great job of it. All the action is happening on a standard, seven-player baccarat table. You can play player, banker and tie bets, and they will offer the same payouts as a standard baccarat table.

Winning banker bets is still subject to a 5% commission. Despite that, it remains the best option with an RTP of 98.94%. Our seven best baccarat tips will tell you what hands you should play. This game also has access to six side bets, not counting the progressive jackpot.

How Does the Progressive Jackpot Work?

Unlike other baccarat prizes, the progressive jackpot is determined based on the seed and the pot. The seed is set to 10,000x the bet you placed on the jackpot and is guaranteed by the casino. Additionally, 7% of every wager is put into the progressive jackpot fund, funding it even further. This allows the jackpot to grow very quickly, and reach some mouth-wateringly high numbers!

In order to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot, you have to place a side bet on it. You will see the progressive jackpot side bet marked clearly on your screen. It is the only side bet that is not played by placing chips on the table.

How do you win Progressive Baccarat’s big jackpot? Well, you need an eight and an ace of the same suit to be drawn in both hands. For example, if the player hand has an ace and eight of spades, the banker hand also has to have one to win the progressive jackpot.

The prizes then go down in value depending on how well the suits match for the ace and eight combo. If we have a spade combo in one hand and a diamond combo in the other we win 10,000x.

Other Side Bets

Most side bets in this Playtech release revolve around pairs. Wagering that a pair occurs on either the player and banker side will result in an 11:1 payout. Bets for either hand to have a pair pay 5:1 while betting for a perfect pair will result in a 25:1 result.

Your final side bet options are Big and Small. Big pays if the sum of cards between the player and banker is worth five or six and pays 0.54:1. Small requires the sum of cards in both hands to be equal to four and pays 1.5:1.

Is There a Strategy?

Unfortunately, the answer is no! Some general-purpose advice like not playing the tie bet applies here, as well. That said, there is no strategy that can give you an edge in Progressive Baccarat.

You already do not have any control over what happens in the game outside of your initial wager. Trying to plan for the progressive jackpot on top of that is impossible. To fully enjoy this game, you just need to lean back, relax and hope the big win comes your way naturally.