Lucky Pairs Side Bet Explained

Baccarat is a pretty simple card game with easy to learn rules. Unlike Blackjack which comes in multiple variants with a wide range of side bets you can play, Baccarat has not evolved in such a way. Yet, there are still Baccarat side bets players can go for if they want added excitement and an opportunity to win larger prizes. In this article, we will discuss the side bet called Lucky Pairs you can play at live dealer tables offering Baccarat.

Lucky Pairs Side Bet Basics

Lucky Pairs, or just Pairs, is an optional, side bet available at most Baccarat tables. Given that the wager is offered at live dealer tables only, you should keep in mind that you have to use real money to play it. When you play a Lucky Pairs bet, you predict that the first two cards dealt to one of the sides will be a pair. You can play a Banker or Player Pair bet and each of them pays 11:1. Since the outcome of this bet is determined by the first two cards, you will know whether you have won or lost as soon as the first hand is dealt.

This type of Baccarat side bets comes in different variants. The one mentioned above requires a pair of cards regardless of their suit to pay a prize. At some tables, you can play Perfect Pairs, an additional wager that pays higher prizes. If you guess that the first two Banker’s or Player’s cards will be a pair of the same suit, you can win 25:1. This is a riskier option than the Lucky Pairs bet. If you are not that into taking risks, you can play an Either Pair bet at some Live Baccarat tables. It wins when either the Banker or the Player receives a pair of cards. The Either Pair bet pays 5:1.

The probability of winning on the Lucky Pairs side bet and its house edge depend on the number of decks in play. When you play Baccarat with 8 decks in play, the probability of winning is 7.47% while the house edge is 10.36%. As for 6-deck Baccarat, the probability of getting a pair is lower, 7.40%, as there are fewer cards of the same rank in the shoe while the house edge is higher, 11.25%.

How to Play Lucky Pairs Side Bet

At some tables, you can play the Lucky Pairs or Pairs bet in addition to the preferred main bet. At others, you can play only the side bet. If you want, you can play this side bet on both the Banker and the Player. Since it is an optional bet, you can play main bets and add it from time to time for a chance to win a bigger payout. It is a risky move, but if you manage your bankroll properly, you can afford to go for this side bet every now and then.

Should You Play Lucky Pairs Bet?

Payouts offered by Baccarat main bets are low, we cannot deny it. Knowing that a win on the Banker bet which comes with the lowest house edge is only 0.95:1, a payout of 11:1 seems attractive enough to go for it. However, a higher payout involves more risk, so you have to be careful with side bets in general and Lucky Pairs or any of its versions is not an exception to this rule. Play responsibly and keep an eye on your bankroll to make the most of game and enjoy it to the fullest.

If you want to give Lucky Pairs or Pairs a try, visit some of the best Live Baccarat casinos and play this side bet on the Banker or the Player!