Real Baccarat with Sarati is an online baccarat game released by Microgaming in 2020. Featuring 98.9% RTP and their acclaimed dealer Sarati, it is a distinct fusion between RNG and live table games. In short, it’s regular online baccarat that attempts to mimic the experience of live casinos.

This is achieved using Microgaming’s experience in creating immersive casino experiences. Though it’s not an actual live game, it’s as close as you can get without connecting to a stream.

How Real Baccarat with Sarati Works

In essence, Real Baccarat With Sarati by Microgaming works like any other RNG baccarat game. You can find the game at your favourite Microgaming online casino and start wagering. After the initial few seconds, you may be fooled into thinking that this is a true live game. Sarati, your dealer, looks undeniably real, and the interface is borrowed straight from live dealer baccarat.

In truth, it’s just a bit of movie magic. The sequences that play in between rounds are basically pre-recorded video clips. Why did Microgaming decide to go this route if they wanted a live experience?

Well, for starters, this method ensures that everything always goes smoothly. All the hitches and problems of live casino gaming are gone. Instead, each player gets the personal, intimate experience of a brick-and-mortar casino. Also, all card draws are decided by RNG, ensuring absolute fairness.

Rules and Gameplay

If you wish to play Real Baccarat with Sarati for real money, the game follows standard baccarat rules.  Most of the differences between other RNG and live baccarat games are purely cosmetic. However, the shoe consists of 8 decks and is shuffled after 260 cards pass . That means baccarat card counting possible, but difficult.

In Real Baccarat with Sarati, you place wagers before the round begins. You can bet on the Player side, the Banker side, or for a Tie. Player bets pay out at odds of 1:1, while banker bets pay out 95:1, indicating a 5% commission. There are also side bets – we’ll get to those in a bit.

The object is for the side you wagered on to have a score closer to 9 based on a 2-card draw. Cards between Ace and 9 have pip value, while face cards have a value of 0.  Both sides may also draw an extra card.

While this may vary based on the casino, minimum wagers are set to €5. The maximum bet is €500.

Side Bets

Whenever you play Real Baccarat with Sarati, you’ll technically have 2 side bets available. In reality, both of them do the same thing, though. Your options are Player Pair or Banker Pair. With this option, you’re predicting that either the banker or the player will get a pair with their first two cards. You can place this bet on either side (or both) regardless of other wagers, and both pay out 11:1

Where to Play Real Baccarat with Sarati

Our pick for the best casino to play Real Baccarat with Sarati is Royal Vegas Casino. Of course, there are other top Microgaming online casinos out there – you can find other recommendations here.