Cow Cow Side Bet in Baccarat Explained

Although it has its origins in 14th century Italy, Baccarat has become one of the most popular games at Macau-based casinos. It comes as no surprise that many online versions of the game target Asian audience. One of them is Cow Cow Baccarat, a game variant available at live tables powered by Philippines-based live casino solutions provider SA Gaming.

The game is advertised as a new Baccarat style for truly bullish players. What makes this Baccarat version stands out from the crowd is the so-called Cow Cow bet. Stay with us to learn Cow Cow Baccarat basics and how its optional side bet works.

Cow Cow Baccarat Basics

While the game fundamentals do not differ from what we have seen in other game variations, Cow Cow Baccarat has a set of its own rules. You should learn all about them before you start playing the game. While the game uses 8 card decks like other Live Baccarat versions, it requires that the player has 9x the bet amount in their balance. We will explain why, later in the text.

The game offers players to place bets on two standard sides – Banker and Player. There is also a Tie bet that can earn you an 8:1 payout. The rule according to which payouts depend on the total of points scored by the winning side adds more excitement to the gameplay.

How Cow Cow Side Bet Works?

As a matter of fact, there are two Cow Cow bets. One is a Cow Cow Banker and the other is a Cow Cow Player bet. To win with either of them, you need to choose the right side. The total points of the winning side determine how much you can earn with it.

What makes this side bet different from any other is the fact that the player can lose up to 9x the bet they have played. When it comes to winning with this side bet, the player can win a payout that is equal to the total points of the winning side. This does not apply only in one case – when you win with 9 points. In this case, a 5% commission is reduced from the payout, and it equals 8.45:1.

Let’s see how the pair of side bets work in practice. If you play a $1 Player Cow Cow bet and the Player’s hand wins with 8 points, you will earn $8. In case you have played the same bet, and the Banker wins with 8 points, you will lose $8. When you play a $1 Banker Cow Cow bet and the Banker wins with 9 points, you will earn $8.45.

Should You Play Cow Cow Baccarat?

It is definitely a new take on the casino classic. It can be extremely exciting as long as you win as payouts are higher than in standard game variations. However, the fact that you can lose up to 9x more than you have wagered makes this game a bit less attractive. Knowing that Baccarat is a game of luck where you cannot do anything to affect the outcome of rounds, we would suggest you think twice before you join a Cow Cow Baccarat table.

Instead of this game version that is obviously designed with players prone to taking risks in mind, you can try out any of Live Baccarat variations powered by Evolutions Gaming. If you are into fast-paced action, give Live Speed Baccarat a try. Or, if you are more into added anticipation and excitement, Baccarat Squeeze may be your cup of tea.

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