Baccarat Roadmaps: Can You Rely on Them?

Baccarat is one of the easiest casino games to play. Its rules are easy to learn, and there is no complex strategy you need to apply to be successful. One of the main reasons for that is that Baccarat is a game of chance where you only have to choose the right bet. Some Baccarat games you can play at online casinos offer so-called Baccarat roadmaps that show patterns in which a series of hands have ended. They should help players make their next move, but can you really rely on them?

What Are Baccarat Roadmaps?

Baccarat roadmaps work in a way which resembles statistics you can see while playing Roulette. While Live Roulette games show winning numbers in the last 500 rounds, Baccarat roadmaps show the outcome of the previous rounds. They use different symbols to show which sides have won in the series of games. There are several types of roadmaps, and we have introduced them in one of our older articles.   

Again, just like in Roulette where some players believe that Hot numbers win more frequently that Cold ones, some Baccarat enthusiasts believe that tracking past outcomes can help them predict which side will win in future. That’s when Baccarat roadmaps come into play. Since the main goal in this card game is to predict which side will have a higher score, let’s learn how you use them to up your Baccarat game.

How to Make Use of Them?

There are five standard Baccarat roadmaps or scoreboards, which, unlike the game itself, are not easy to understand at first. Each of them shows patterns in which the game ends, thus showing players the statistics of the past rounds. They are quite elaborate, and you will have to study each of them to understand the symbols used for different outcomes.

Baccarat roadmaps are basically designed to provide players with statistical data that should help them make the next decision. However, just like Roulette, Baccarat is a game of sheer luck where each round is an independent event. As you know, according to the basic strategy, the player should stick to Banker bets as long as they win. That is the same thing as following the dragon, which is basically sticking to the bet that has won six or more times in a row. The representation of it in Baccarat roadmaps is called a “dragon’s tail”.

What you should keep in mind is that no belief or superstition can help you beat the game of Baccarat. If you like to, you can use roadmaps and make your moves according to the patterns. What you should not forget is that it can help any of the sides to have a higher score.  

Closing Thoughts

There is not much more to add about Baccarat roadmaps. It’s up to you whether you prefer to follow the patterns or play by your own strategy. Since the Banker bet comes with the lowest house edge, we would like to recommend sticking to it as long as it wins. Once the Banker loses, you can switch to the Player or make a pause and see what the outcome of the next round will be.

Avoid going for the Tie bet no matter how attractive the payout it can earn you be. If you have been wondering whether you should ever play this bet, read our article focusing on it. Although it pays 8:1 in most cases, its house edge of 14.36% is a red flag you should bear in mind.

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