Baccarat Dragon Bonus Bet Explained

Baccarat Dragon Bonus Bet ExplainedDragon Bonus is one of the most popular side bets in Baccarat. This additional bet is particularly popular with Asian and Australian high-roller players who like to take a risk for a chance to win bigger payouts going up to 30:1. This version of Baccarat first appeared at land-based casinos and today you can play it at online casinos too. At live casinos, the tables offering the Dragon Bonus bet are in most cases hosted by Asian dealers to provide players with a genuine Macau-like gaming experience.

If you want to learn how to play Dragon Bonus bets and win more, stay with us as in this article we will provide you with the basic rules and strategy to make the most of it.

Dragon Bonus Rules and Gameplay

Dragon Bonus Baccarat is typically played with six or eight decks that are shuffled before each round. The game starts with a player placing bets on the banker’s or player’s victory while the Dragon Bonus bet is optional and you can play it if you want to. If you are ready to increase your wager for a chance to win bigger, you should place an additional bet on the same side as the original bet. The rules of the game are the same as in the standard version of Baccarat: you should predict whether the player or the banker will have a score closer or equal to 9. You can also place a tie bet which wins if both the banker and player make the same score.

What makes the difference when playing the Dragon Bonus bet is the margin that determines payouts. You can play the Player Dragon Bonus bet and predict that the player will win by 4 points or more or with a natural or play Banker Dragon Bonus and bet on the banker winning by 4 points or more or with a natural. If your selected side wins with a natural, the Dragon Bonus bet pays 1:1.

Dragon Bonus Paytable

You are familiar with the rule that the hand with 9 points or a score closest to 9 wins in Baccarat. The value of the cards remains the same with As counted as one point, the cards between 2s and 9s keeping their values and tens and all faces worth 10 points. In case the score is more than 10 points, the first digit is removed, so instead of 15, for instance, 6 and 9 are worth 5.

Due to a margin that determines payouts when Dragon Bonus bets are played, the paytable in this version of the game is extended. Basically, the higher the margin, the larger the payout, so the side you have placed your bet on has to have a winning margin of 4 points or more to earn you a payout. This rule does not apply to naturals only which pay 1:1. If the result is a tie, the Dragon Bonus bet is pushed.

When the Dragon Bonus bet is played, winning hands pay as follows:

  • 4 point margin pays 1:1
  • 5 point margin pays 2:1
  • 6 point margin pays 4:1
  • 7 point margin pays 6:1
  • 8 point margin pays 10:1
  • 9 point margin pays 30:1

House Edge

While the house edge when playing the standard game is 1.06% for the Banker bet, 1.24% for the Player bet and 14.36% for the Tie bet, the Dragon Bonus bet increases the house advantage by up to 9x. If you play the Player Dragon Bonus bet, the edge will be doubled while the house edge when the Banker Dragon Bonus bet is played is increased by 9x.

You can easily figure out that playing Dragon Bonus bets is a risky thing to do. However, it allows you to win up to 30:1 payout which is considerably larger than regular payouts you can score at when playing main Baccarat bets.