How to Play Mobile Baccarat

If Baccarat is your favourite casino game, you may be wondering whether you can play it on the go. The good news is that thanks to the HTML5 technology Baccarat games are available on mobile platforms too and you can enjoy this exciting card game wherever you are. However, the range of Baccarat variants for mobile devices is not as wide as the one available at online casinos, but you can still find the standard version of the game and enjoy it on the move. Stay with us to learn how to do it.

Playing Baccarat on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Today, most mobile Baccarat games are available in instant play version with no download needed. As long as your preferred mobile casino supports your smartphone or tablet and offers Baccarat, you will be able to access the game straight from your mobile browser. The in-browser version of the game can be played by Android, Apple, Windows or even Blackberry users.

If you are familiar with Baccarat rules, you will be able to play the game on your handheld device without difficulty. Find a casino that offers Baccarat and load the game to start placing your bets on the player of the banker to make a score as close to nine as possible. The rules are the same as with the online version of the game and the game is fully optimised for mobile play with all controls at your fingertips.

Once you load the game, you can place your bet on the player, banker or tie. Two face-up cards will be dealt to both the player and the banker. Just like in the online versions of the game, tens and face cards all are worth zero points, Aces are worth one point while other cards are worth their face value. If a total of a hand is more than 10, the second digit is taken as the value of the hand. The hand closest to 9 wins and in case it is a tie, neither the player’s or banker’s hand wins or loses. However, if you placed a tie bet, you win 8:1 or even 9:1. The total of 8 or 9 is called a natural win and the third card rule applies if the player’s or banker’s total is between 0 and 5.

Mobile Baccarat Variants

As we have already mentioned, the range of mobile Baccarat versions is not that wide, so in most cases, you will be able to play the game with standard rules given above. However, some casinos offer live dealer Baccarat tables you can join from your mobile browser and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

If you are into live dealer games and you want to play Baccarat hosted by real-life dealers, you can look out for Evolution Gaming’s Live Mobile Baccarat with a wide betting range between $10 and $1,000 per round. You have noticed that the minimum stake is higher than the one at virtual baccarat tables, but that’s the case with all live dealer games due to higher costs of maintenance. To play this game, make sure to have a stable internet connection, WiFi or 4G, for the smoothest performance. Once you launch Live Mobile Baccarat on your smartphone or tablet, you will enjoy a real Macau-like gaming experience wherever you are.

Why Play Baccarat on Mobile?

The answer to this answer is simple – you can take your favourite casino game with you wherever you go and enjoy it whenever you like.  Due to smaller screens of mobile devices, the overall experience may not be as satisfying as on your computer, but you can still enjoy all the excitement and win real money.