Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy Explained

Although using strategy while playing Baccarat arguably defeats its purpose (and its nature),  a number of Baccarat enthusiasts are simply not willing to make peace with the alleged randomness of this game.

The players’ need to control the outcome and curb the odds have resulted in a number of strategies that can be applied to the budget management or betting patterns. One of the systems that go beyond the widely recommended Banker bets is the Golden Eagle Baccarat strategy, divided into two approaches, used depending on the streaks. The idea is to take maximum advantage of the winning Baccarat cycles and accumulate the profit while luck is on your side.

Another benefit of this method is its adaptability which means that it can be used even by the players on a budget.

The Origin of the Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy

Golden Eagle was invented by Ri Chang, a mathematician who translated his passion for numbers and statistics into a Baccarat system that can actually provide positive results in the long run. This system was not the only Chang’s invention; in addition to Golden Eagle, he also developed the Silver Tiger Baccarat strategy, a more aggressive approach that introduces a specific betting sequence which must be followed by the player.

Golden Eagle Strategy Modes

The methodology of Golden Eagle will vary according to the player’s streak, splitting the entire strategy into two stages:

  • Offensive
  • Defensive

The first mode feeds off the players winning streaks, which tend to last longer in Baccarat than in some other card games. During the streak, the players will need to keep records of their bets and make sure not to lose track. The stakes should be gradually increased for as long as your good fortune prevails, pulling on the string of success until it snaps. By the time the losing streak comes along, you will have enough money to survive the draught or simply quit while you are ahead. Once the players enter their losing streak, the strategy will move onto the next stage – Defensive mode.

This segment of the game will require the players to lay low and place table minimums only, which is quite different from the negative progressive bets systems that promote raising the bets while losing.

As already mentioned, streaks can be prolonged during Baccarat, which means that trying to recuperate any losses can dry your balance faster. The low bets, on the other hand, will keep you above the water until the next winning streak comes along, which is your cue to start pressing the stakes once again.

When Should I Use Golden Eagle Baccarat?

The strategy is ideal for Baccarat tournaments, where making through the long sessions is the ultimate goal and the player’s budget must be stretched to last until the finale. Milking the favourable streaks is exactly what will boost your budget and take you to the finish line or prepare you for the “rainy day” portion of the game.

Obviously, the strategy can be used even if you are just playing for a limited amount of time; the idea behind the technique allows you to set a time frame yourself, and you are free to simply leave the table as soon as you feel your luck will run out, or after the first loss.

Is Golden Eagle Reliable?

As much as any Baccarat (or other game of chance) strategy. Remember, you are relying on a probability, which means that there are no guarantees. That said, Golden Eagle remains one of the most popular methods, employed by a number of players who believe that winning streaks are bound to happen – when they do, you might as well make the most of them.