Flat Bet Baccarat Strategy

Not all gamblers are firm believers in the uncontrollable nature of Baccarat, which proudly carries the title of a game of chance that cannot be adhered to any known strategy. Many feel that no more than a few money-managing tricks up your sleeve are enough for a player to walk away from a Baccarat table as a dignified winner instead of enduring the shame of bowing down to the insensitive laws of probability and losing an entire balance.

After all, isn’t a successful managing of your funds the first step to acquiring and accumulating profit?

What is a Flat Bet Strategy?

Even though employing the betting strategy cannot affect the gameplay the same way that using your skills will improve your Blackjack results, a lot of players consider money and betting management an essential skill for all players who want to try their luck at the Baccarat table.

The idea is to be able to control one of the few aspects of the game known to you – your budget.

As one of the simplest betting systems, Flat Betting Strategy is a great starting point for most beginners, before they decide to move on and test more advanced, progressive methods; however, thanks to its straightforward structure, it is not uncommon for veteran players to stick to the same strategy even after gaining experience.

Unlike with the progressive strategies, the players who use Flat Bet Strategy will not change the amount of their stakes as the game progresses. The bets will remain consistent at all times and no extra chips will be added, regardless of how the previous hand has ended.

How Is Flat Betting used in Baccarat?

The first step to implementing this system to the game of Baccarat is determining the stake amount that you are comfortable with wagering throughout the entire Baccarat session. This will, of course, be vastly influenced by the budget that you have at your disposal, but the safest thing to do would be to start at the table minimum, at least until you get properly warmed up and relaxed.

By the time another session starts and decks are shuffled for the new round, you will figure out if the winnings generated from the selected amount are enticing enough and if there is an unpleasant aftertaste when the same amount is lost. In general, choosing a round number that makes up around 10% of your entire budget is where most players like to start.

Another thing to keep in mind is the end goal that you would like to reach. Baccarat is famous for its volatility, which is the key reason seasoned players pre-determine the end amount that they would like to win in one sitting. Once the goal is reached, the smart thing to do is to cash out and leave, otherwise you will not get much use out of Flat Betting strategy – or any other strategy for that matter.

The advantages of using the Flat Betting system

The obvious advantage of this gameplay method is that it successfully minimizes the damage of the losing hand. If you are not a big fan of risky bets and unfavourable odds, you have probably already figured out that the optimal results of this system are achieved if you use it in a combination with the safest possible bet, which, in this case, is always the Banker bet.

Using this method will, therefore, ensure that you increase your winning odds and keep the losing streaks under control. According to many, this is the only strategy that will give you the advantage over the game and provide you with the most effective way to boost your odds, as it will not require you to spend more money after already losing. Instead, it will still create a money turnover that will motivate you to keep betting.