Live Dealer BaccaratDespite unpredictability and lack of reliable strategy that you can use to your advantage, not all is left to chance in Baccarat and there is always a certain degree of control that the player will be able to maintain in order to stay on top of the game. The danger of Baccarat lies in the game’s simplicity – the rules are simple enough to trick the players into thinking they know what they are doing, up until you fall into the pit of the most common mistakes. By that time, your budget will have suffered a significant damage and not much is left to do but to start licking your wounds and prepare for the next session, hoping it will get better.

Sadly, some players are too focused on the prospect of easy money and high payout potential, so they let their greed get the best of them. This will result in an enchanted circle of same mistakes being made over and over again, which can ultimately have dire consequences. A shame, really, when any potential damage can be easily controlled or even prevented with no more than a few simple tips and behavioural adjustments that you should introduce to your everyday gameplay.

What to do and what not to do at the Baccarat Table

Number one rule in Baccarat is never to play Tie bet. This is a major Baccarat don’t and any experienced player will advise you against it. The reason is quite simple – this bet comes with an extremely high house edge and has a very low-frequency rate. The odd of Tie winning is ridiculous in comparison to the winning odds of other two bets, and as tempting at the payout rate may seem (8 to 1), losing on the Tie is a much more likely outcome.

Do bet on Banker and use the Player bet as the second best option. Although the payout doesn’t seem like much, the statistical edge is excellent, making you the winner in over 50% of the time.  Due to the Banker bet track record, the House will charge the player 5% commission, which is not an attractive prospect, but still better than the one of losing.

Another important rule to follow in Baccarat is budget managing. Although betting strategies and the way you handle your money is a key factor to any successful gambling session, having a betting system in Baccarat is crucial as this game does not give you a lot of room to manoeuvre and find your edge elsewhere. This is why the following rule can be placed both under Dos and Don’ts, depending on your financial circumstances:

Do press your bets if you are doing well and you are on the winning streak. Some professional players will argue against increasing your wagers, since the climate changes swiftly in Baccarat. On the other hand, moderate bet increase can be a good idea since it gives the player a decent chance of making the most out of the winning hands.

Do not press your bets to compensate for the disastrous outcome of previous hands or if you have a limited gambling budget. Baccarat is known as a High Roller’s game, which means that the stakes run higher than average and losses are not negligible; building a profit in Baccarat with low bets can be a long and tiresome process, but it’s definitely worthwhile.

The final don’t is losing your cool and forgetting about enjoying yourself. Baccarat can be a lot of fun if you are aware of your restrictions and odds. The moment you notice that the thrill of the game has vanished, do walk away from the Baccarat table or change your approach.

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