Advanced Baccarat Strategies

There is no aspect of gambling that cannot be affected or controlled, at least to a certain degree. Although baccarat is one of the games of chance that has a reputation of true unpredictability, certain variations will allow you to control the end result and employ at least a bit of skill in order to affect the randomness of baccarat. The first and most important thing to do is learning the rules backwards. Mastering and not simply acknowledging the basic moves is what makes you great at something, be it dance, martial arts or card games. The same approach should be used in baccarat. Only then can you start using advanced strategies.

Assuming that your knowledge of the game is at a higher level, there are three advanced strategies that can be recommended to up you game of baccarat:


This method definitely implies having a slightly higher bankroll and it is considered as one of the most effective betting strategies. The 1-3-2-6 system commands the player to keep betting on the Banker, and submit wagers using this very sequence of numbers. In other words, the player is to invest 1 unit value on the first hand, 3 unit values on the second, 2 unit values on the third hand and 6 units on the last one. In numbers, if a unit is worth $10, the player’s wagers would have the value of $10, $30, $20 and $60.

Winning in only first two hands and losing in the third would bring the profit to the player; the sequence however, is followed after every win and brought back to the starting point after a loss. Meaning that two wins and one loss should be followed with the original bet of one unit. Losing the second wager is the only outcome that can set you back, otherwise the player can either profit or break even with this system.


The principle of this strategy is the same as with 1-3-2-6. The main difference is only with the fourth bet, as it will increase the unit by 4x, making it more suitable for the players with a somewhat restricted budget. As with the previous betting system, the betting starts with one unit and is continued with 3, 2 and 4 units for as long as the player is winning.

Every losing hand will bring you right where you have started from and, once again, Banker is the preferable betting area. Chances of winning in the first two hands are about 25%, with 1 in 16 odds  of winning all four hands.

Player Bets

To employ this particular system, the player has to be prepared for higher investments and corresponding risk rate. The potential money turnover is also larger than with the first two strategies. Wagering will commence with one unit that will be increased by 2 after a losing hand. The trend of doubling the previous bet needs to be continued for as long as the player is losing. Once the players win their first hand, they can either choose to go back a step or continue doubling wagers. Seasoned players always recommend limiting oneself to a number of units you are willing to invest, even though the casino sets the upper stake limit as well.

The choice between the strategies will obviously be determined by the amount of money the players have at their disposal, but also by the game history. Online casinos make the tracking process quite easy nowadays, giving the players that extra edge that can determine their course of action. Once you know your odds and are capable of forming any kind of statistical patterns, you are likely to find baccarat as profitable as it is enjoyable.