Some people like to take things slowly. Whether it is enjoying a cup of tea or playing a nice online casino game, sometimes it’s worth to stop and smell the roses. The rest of us, however, don’t quite have all the time in the world.

Luckily, the era of online baccarat games has made things easier for players in a hurry. If you play baccarat online, things tend to move along quickly – if you have the right title. Both NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, two giants of the online gambling scene, have such titles. Today, we’ll be comparing the two live baccarat games to see which one is more worth your time.

Evolution Gaming Speed Baccarat

Though essentially identical to standard live baccarat tables, Speed Baccarat is a stripped-down, efficient version. The idea is to enjoy the simple charms of the game as fast as possible. This is reflected in several ways. For starters, the betting time is set to just 12 seconds. That’s why you have to make snap decisions, and a functional UI is highly appreciated.

A dealer flips the two cards and immediately announces the result. A round in Evolution Gaming Speed Baccarat only lasts up to 27 seconds. At two rounds a minute, you can place more wagers than you can keep up with.

However, other aspects of the game are also affected. For starters, there are no multiple cameras here. This keeps a constant focus on the action, and even the presenters are all about business. That said, you won’t lose out on extra features either. There is a very respectable amount of side bets to play if you chose to.

Bets typically range from €0.10 to €1000 across all Evolution Gaming online casinos. The title also features some basic customization options, which is especially useful on tablets or mobile.

NetEnt Speed Baccarat

Net Entertainment took a slightly different approach to speeding up baccarat. For starters, all players share the same cards. This means games are incredibly quick and there are theoretically no limits on table seats. Admittedly, though, the lack of variance does hurt the experience a bit.

Speaking of variance, there are three types of NetEnt Speed Baccarat live tables, separated by different limits. Low Roller tables go between $1 and $5,000, while medium roller tables have a higher minimum. High Roller table bets range between $5 and $15,000.

NetEnt’s version is also the more feature-rich of the two. Available Baccarat side bets include pairs, big/small, banker dragon bonus and player dragon bonus. NetEnt studios also offer more variety in terms of studios – some of them have a bluescreen backdrop, for instance. The UI is overall prettier, but less functional – especially for beginners.


We’ve outlined some advantages and disadvantages for both Speed Baccarat online casino games. If we had to pick between the two, though, we would probably go with NetEnt’s version. It simply feels like the more fleshed-out of the two. The game time remains similarly low, and there are a lot more options in terms of stakes and side-bets.

That said, bare simplicity is Evolution Gaming’s biggest draw. That’s why we can still recommend this title to those with poor internet, or if speed is your sole concern.