Evolution has been designing several classical casino games with modern innovations. One of their most exciting additions to this design format is Golden Wealth Baccarat. The game is played in a luxurious red and gold room with golden dragons, an elegant baccarat table and a golden pot that sits at its center.

Golden Wealth Baccarat by Evolution follows the traditional baccarat gameplay rules with the new golden card multiplier twist. Besides the classic game phases, a new phase called a Golden Round is added. In this round, the new golden cards are added to the shoe from the golden pot. This allows the player’s payouts to skyrocket if their winning bets include these multiplier golden cards.

How to Play Golden Wealth Baccarat by Evolution?

At its core, Golden Wealth Baccarat combines Evolution’s Live Baccarat style with new golden cards that offer massive payout multipliers. The traditional ruleset is still there. Users bet on either the player’s or the banker’s hand competing to reach as close to the score of 9 as possible. The player has the standard bet options like player-win or dealer-win depending on which hand is closer to 9. Furthermore, as in classic baccarat, you can also have bets on whether the player or dealer draws a pair, or if they tie.

In Golden Wealth Baccarat, each hand receives two cards as usual with the rule-based option of the third card. Regular 1 to 9 cards have their face value while cards with a value of 10 or higher count as 0. If the sum of the two cards goes over 10, only the second digit is counted for value.

Additionally, whenever a hand has a combined value of 0 to 5, that hand can draw the final third card. Scoring an 8 or 9 still counts as a natural victory. Since the banker wins outright on a natural 8 or 9, regardless of if the player can draw a third card, the familiar advantage on banker bets is present. To make up for this a 5% commission is standardly deducted from every banker bet.

How Golden Wealth Baccarat works is that it has the exciting addition of the Golden Round. This is where the golden cards are drawn and their multipliers determined. They offer players an option for crazy-high rewards so a 20% fee is applied during the Golden Round to balance the payout possibility.

How Do Golden Cards Work?

The Golden Wealth Baccarat bonus is the golden cards we mentioned. Once all bets are finished and before drawing cards for the player and banker, the Golden Round is triggered. This is where 5 randomly determined golden cards are drawn from a virtual 52-card golden deck. These selected golden cards are represented in Evolution’s augmented reality and are assigned multipliers – 2x, 3x, 5x and 8x. Every card in the base baccarat shoe, corresponding to the drawn golden cards, is changed to a golden version with an appropriate multiplier.

For example, during the Golden Round, let us say three heart symbol cards, one club symbol card and a diamond one are drawn with values 7, K, 2, A, 9 respectively. They would first be assigned the aforementioned multipliers, and then each card of that type in the shoe will turn golden. Continuing on, the dealer draws the player’s and banker’s hands. In the case that any golden cards are drawn their multipliers are shown to the player. If the player’s bet includes golden cards in his chosen hand, their multipliers are applied to his payout. Additionally, if the player bet on a tie, the golden cards from both hands multiply his bet.

Finally, Evolution’s Golden Wealth Baccarat offers the player a chance for really high payouts with golden cards. The multipliers stack with each other up to a maximum of six matching x8 multipliers on a tie bet. Though the chances are low, the game mathematically offers a potential 262.144x final multiplier with a €500,000 maximum payout plus bet.

Golden Wealth Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat has always been a game where the largest factor is luck. With the introduction of golden card multipliers in Golden Wealth Baccarat, the stakes are a lot higher. To increase your chances of victory, here are some useful Golden Wealth Baccarat guides and strategies.

  • Banker bets – Betting on the banker is a tried and true beginner strategy for Golden Wealth Baccarat. This is due to the fact that in any baccarat game, the banker has a slight advantage when it comes to scoring natural wins on hands that are 8 or 9. Hopefully, you can get some golden cards on banker bets for additional multipliers on your bet which will offset the 5% fee.
  • Avoiding tie bets – The tie bet payouts in this game sound incredibly tempting going from 5:1 up to 1.310.720:1 based on potential golden card multipliers you draw. However, betting on ties constantly can be an unwise strategy. This is because there is a house edge advantage of 14.36% on ties, meaning the RTP for ties is 85,64%.
  • Following the winner – One of the popular baccarat strategies, while the card shoe is still ample in size, is betting on the winning hand. You can try to place 5 of your units on the winning hand, and if you win you go down to 4 units and then 3 if you win again. If you win all three times, start over from 5. In case of losing, bet 5 on the winning hand and the cycle continues. This is an Eyes Wide Shut strategy, and it is recommended that you walk away for the day if you lose three times in row.

Where to Play Golden wealth baccarat

Evolution has once more brought us a fresh take on traditional casino games. Evolution’s new baccarat game is a stylish card experience that increases the volatility of the game with its golden cards feature. Golden Wealth Baccarat RTP is 98.85%, which is above average for casino games, so it is a worthwhile experience both for beginners and veterans alike.

Though Golden Wealth Baccarat is live dealer baccarat game, there is also an RNG (random number generator) that takes a first-person approach. This is essentially the same game with a different perspective. Whichever version you prefer, if you are interested in trying Golden Wealth Baccarat by Evolution you can find it on the 888 casino website.