Fortune 6 Baccarat is Pragmatic Play’s newest live casino innovation on the standard baccarat formula. It features a slew of exciting new side bets and builds on the classic live casino experience. These fresh side bets can be enjoyed by themselves or alongside the standard baccarat hand.

fortune 6 baccarat

In this Fortune 6 Baccarat review, we shall take a detailed look at this new Pragmatic Play release. We will also provide you with payment information and useful strategies. Let us begin.

How to Play Fortune 6 Baccarat by Pragmatic Play?

Let us first go over how Fortune 6 Baccarat works. Essentially, it is a live dealer game with standard baccarat rules, but Pragmatic Play has introduced a few innovations. You play it as you would any live baccarat game. There are eight decks in the shoe, three betting positions with the Banker, Player and Tie, and finally the side bets. As always, you are looking to place your bets on the winning side that reaches a hand nearest to nine.

There are also five special side bets that you can place next to your main bet. You can play them stand-alone or alongside your main hand. The payouts are largely dependent on these side bets and whether the player engages with them. The standard Fortune 6 RTP value without the bets is 98.76% for the Player, 98.94% for the Banker, and 85.64% for the Tie. However, the side bet RTP values are quite weaker and can reach as low as 93.36%. Still, they have proportionately higher rewards if the player is lucky with the Fortune 6 side bet reaching a whopping 120:1 payout.

On the technical side of things, players can also enjoy a live casino game chat with a game host, other players, and Live Support. Fortune 6 Baccarat features a 24/7 availability stream with low-streaming latency and 4K cameras. The game has a friendly and elegant interface with all the game features displayed in a neat and organized way.

How Do Fortune 6 Baccarat Side Bets Work?

As we mentioned Fortune 6 Baccarat has five special side bets. They are the Player or Banker Fortune Pair, Fortune 6, and Player or Banker 6. They are all accessible from the beginning of the dealing shoe until the 30th hand when the interface disables the Fortune 6 side bet. After forty rounds have been played, the final two side bets in the form of Player or Banker 6 and the Player or Banker Fortune pair get disabled as well.

With that information out of the way, let us see how they work.

  • Fortune 6 – This side bet applies to the Banker and Player hands. You win it if a six is the first card dealt. The payout can increase if more sixes appear consecutively. The payout is 3:1 for one 6, 30:1 for 2, and 120:1 for three.
  • Player or Banker 6 – You can play this bet stand-alone and without the main hand. You win if the hand you bet on wins with a total of 6. If the opposing hand wins with a natural, the bet is pushed. Player 6 wins have a 14:1 payout, while Banker 6 wins have a 16:1.
  • Player or Banker Fortune Pair – This bet wins if two cards of the same suit are landed in one hand. The payout of 1:1 is awarded for a suited hand, not necessarily a pair. The 5:1 is for a pair, and there is also the 9:1 payout for a suited pair. So you can win this side bet with, for example, two clubs, two fours, or two club-suited fours.

Fortune 6 Baccarat Strategy

When it comes to Fortune 6 Baccarat strategy, following the basic strategy guide for baccarat works great in this game. This is because it does not stray from a traditional ruleset but simply builds upon it with side bets. Opting for the Banker hand bet is always a good beginner move due to an increased win percentage. Additionally, avoiding the Tie bet is always good advice due to the unreliable hit rate and an abysmal RTP value.

Furthermore, when it comes to side bets, they are definitely the most volatile and unreliable special aspect of the game. They offer a lower RTP than the main bets. That being said, some of them are not that lower in RTP value. For players who prefer exciting high-stakes high-reward gameplay, they can be quite fun to interact with. This goes especially for the Fortune 6 side bet, but we would say that the most worthwhile ones are the Player and Banker Fortune Pairs. This is due to the high RTP value and decent payouts.

Where to Play Fortune 6 Baccarat

Pragmatic Play has again managed to deliver quite an entertaining and accessible baccarat experience with Fortune 6. The game introduces 5 exciting side bets for players who like to make extra decisions in their game. The neat thing is that traditional players or newer ones can simply ignore these side bets and play the base game. Finally, the player interface is quite neatly organized with charismatic dealers in a 4K live-streaming studio. Pragmatic Play has delivered on all aspects with Fortune 6 Baccarat.