Live Bac Bo is one of the newest innovations to pop into the live dealer baccarat scene. To be fair, calling it Baccarat is a bit of a misnomer. The game boasts several key differences from the game we know and love. For starters, it’s played with dice, combining the ideas of Baccarat and Sic Bo into one.

Still, the game is close enough to baccarat that we’re convinced some of our readers will love it. Let’s take a close look at the new Evolution Bac Bo game and how to win it.

What Is Bac Bo Live?

Bac Bo Live is a live casino game developed and released by Evolution in 2021. It claims to try and combine Sic Bo and Baccarat into one, unique live casino experience.

More realistically, though, it’s just a live casino Baccarat game with dice. Just like regular Baccarat, it compares the totals of two “hands” to determine a single winner. Instead of cards, however, Bac Bo uses two sets of dice.

However, this also means that Bac Bo is relatively simple. If you already know how to play Baccarat live online, you won’t have much trouble figuring this game out. It’s even simpler and quicker.

First of all, bets are made just like always. You can pick between two main bets – Banker and Player, and there’s also the option for a Tie. Each side will throw two dice, and the one with the higher total wins. If the two sets of dice show two identical totals, the result is a Tie. That’s pretty much it!

Unlike regular online Baccarat games, you don’t have to worry about Third Card rules and such. Just put down your money and play!

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

 With Bac Bo RTP at 98.87%, this title can match up to even the best of live Baccarat. These high returns are thanks to some of the unique rules we’ll discuss here.

For starters, getting a Tie after you bet on a Player or Banker gives you back most of your stake. In these cases, you win 0.9:1! Of course, regular wins always come with 1:1 returns.

Additionally, the Tie bet is not as bad as it is in Baccarat. Instead of a fixed payout, the Tie bet offers returns that depend on the number total of both sets of dice. It’s a simple yet elegant solution that makes Tie bets in Bac Bo actually interesting.

However, the biggest similarity with Baccarat is that you cannot directly influence the outcome of this game. This means that even the best Bac Bo strategies are ineffective at actually bearing the house edge. Instead, the tools at your disposal involve bankroll management and sticking to a betting plan. Obviously, card counting is out the window as well, leaving Bac Bo purely a game of chance.

To be frank, though, the same can be said for any casino game. Remember the all-important rules – the house always wins. However, you might as well have fun with it by trying something new and completely different from anything we’ve seen at online casinos before – such as Bac Bo.