Playing baccarat online is a great experience that allows you to indulge in one of the world’s most popular card games from the comfort of your home. Live dealer games seem to be the most common way to play baccarat, but what if you prefer a standard non-live game? Fear not as we have compiled a list of a few excellent baccarat online releases for you to test your baccarat strategy. Check out our top non-live online baccarat games and let us know which one is your favorite.

Big Win Baccarat iSoftBet

Our first entry is a visually impressive one. Big Win Baccarat features a stylish visual design with a dragon-themed green table and satisfying buttons for bets. Players can bet anywhere from $0.1 to $100 to win the maximum payout of 11x the original bet.

The features of Big Win Baccarat are the standard player-banker-tie bets. However, it also features side bets like Player Pairs and Banker Pairs. These high-win side bet options have 11:1 payouts but are quite risky to bet on. Additionally, there is also the Any Pair option for those who want to balance the high risk with high rewards. This side bet pays 5:1.

As far as visual elements go, besides the betting buttons, there is also the Big Road tally at the bottom of the screen. Here, players can track wins and losses through pins in standard baccarat fashion. To the right of it is also the statistics tab for a more mathematical approach. iSoftBet’s Big Win Baccarat is a well-rounded baccarat experience that is worth a try.

Real Baccarat with Sarati

On a more extravagant non-live side of baccarat, we have Real Baccarat with Sarati by Real Dealer Studios. We took the Sarati release as an example but any of the Real Dealer titles like with Courtney or Holly should be on this list. These baccarat titles essentially simulate live games where you can actually see the dealer, but they are not live. Still, the experience is quite well done and you get a sense that you are playing baccarat in an actual casino with an elegant dealer.

On the mechanical side, Real Baccarat With Sarati features the standard main bet plus pairs side bet option. The minimum and maximum bets are $1 and $500 while the RTP is calculated to be 98.94%. If you visit the Game Rules section you can review useful elements like the Baccarat Drawing Rules. Finally, the maximum payout is 11x the player’s bet.

Real Baccarat With Sarati is an exciting baccarat online game that each enthusiast of baccarat should experience.

Mini Baccarat Play’n GO

The Mini Baccarat release by Play’n GO is a streamlined version of the game that is highly accessible on mobile devices. The simplified yet elegant interface makes for a smooth baccarat experience. Minimum and maximum bets are set to $1 and $100 respectively and the RTP value is a decent 98.76%. Chip sizes also go from 1 to 100.

The game is played on a cozy green table with relaxing casino music. The score tally is located in the bottom right while the Bead Road is on the bottom left. The payouts are the standard 1:1 with a %5 fee on banker wins. Ties pay 8:1.

The main advantage of Mini Baccarat is the removal of superficial elements so that, for example, beginner players can focus entirely on the game. The betting slots are the centerpiece of the screen and take up the most space which is not always the case in baccarat games. Play’n GO simply wants you to focus on the game and not worry about arbitrary visual distractions. Unfortunately, the simplicity also means a lack of side bets which for some is not such a downside.

Baccarat Professional Series NetEnt

We move on to NetEnt’s Professional Series. This is another classic baccarat release for those who enjoy a traditional experience. The layout of the game is simplified similarly to Mini Baccarat and the bets are visually structured in a vertical way. Players can place chips that have values from 0.1 to 500 up to a maximum of 1000. This maximum bet cap is one of the highest ones on this list.

Apart from following standard rules, Baccarat Professional Series does not have side betting options. However, NetEnt has released three different versions of the game for those who want a little variety. There is this base game version as well as the VIP one and the High Limit release.

Whatever your baccarat cup of tea is, NetEnt has done an excellent job of portraying that classic baccarat gameplay you would have in a casino. We only wish they included a tracker for our wins as rounds can get hectic in baccarat.


Whether you prefer a classic baccarat experience or are a fan of innovations, this list has something for everyone. You can try Real Dealer Studios’ live simulation games with Sarati, Courtney, or Holly. Alternatively, opt for the traditional baccarat experience with NetEnt’s Professional Series. Finally, you can mix elements of the classic and modern in our other entries. Enjoy playing online baccarat games and please remember to gamble responsibly if you play with real money.