In a sea of online baccarat and dragon tiger games both classic, live, and with extra features it is a difficult choice to choose one. With baccarat being a highly luck-based game with simple mechanics it can be difficult to innovate on the existing basis. However, these following iGaming software providers have managed the task to make baccarat fresh and exciting again with thrilling new extra features for both experts and baccarat beginners.

Let us review some of the greatest live online baccarat and dragon tiger games that the contemporary online market has to offer. We will look at their basic info, extra mechanics, and some baccarat strategies one might employ when playing each one.

Evolution Golden Wealth

Evolution’s strive to revolutionize classic casino games is perfectly displayed in Golden Wealth Baccarat. The game is all about the golden cards which appear from time to time to grant massive multipliers. This means that on average, Golden Wealth baccarat is less about big wins in the base game and more focusing on hitting those golden card multipliers often.

In Golden Wealth baccarat, each round starts in a familiar manner – placing your bets. All the regular bets and side bets are present. Once the betting is over the golden round begins. This is where the game selects five cards randomly to become golden cards. These golden cards will have a special visual to them as well as a specially assigned multiplier.

The best way to utilize the golden cards is to bet on the main bets be that player or banker. Side bets should be avoided as you cannot predict if the golden card will land on them. Therefore, a stable and sustainable baccarat strategy should be used with Golden Wealth Baccarat to wait out the golden cards. Generally, always following the winner is a good well-rounded tip.

Authentic Gaming MultiBet

On the other side of things, if you love baccarat side bets then Authentic Gaming’s MultiBet Baccarat is for you. This online baccarat game is full of little side wagers you can take to spice up your baccarat game. There are a lot of choices and some of them can payout quite high based on their rarity.

Apart from the Dragon bonus, there are four pair-based side bets. These can be pairs for the player, banker, the perfect pair, and either pair side bet. You score the former two by landing pairs in the player’s and banker’s hands respectively. These have an 11:1 payout. The perfect pair side bet however requires that two cards in either hand match both number and suit. This is a hard bet to pull off but it rewards 25:1. Finally, the either-hand pair pays 5:1 and is rewarded if the pair is formed in either hand.

Additionally, players can also engage in predicting total points of hands as well as trying to land a three-card hand win. There are plenty of options to chose from in Authentic Gaming’s MultiBet baccarat so choose your side bets wisely.

Pragmatic Play Dragon Tiger

Continuing the trend with more player options we have Dragon Tiger by Pragmatic Play. This game also offers plenty of extra options for player side bets. In addition, the table and dealers are quite elegant and the ambiance is beautiful. One of the most popular options are the Big, Small, Odd, Even, Red, and Black side bets. Each side bet can of course be played for the Dragon and Tiger side.

The big side bet pays if the card dealt on the corresponding side is an eight or higher. In contrast, the Small bet is won with cards being six or less in value. The Odd and Even bets are won by landing appropriate odd and even cards for the side you chose. Finally, the Red or Black side bets are scored similarly if the chosen side draws a red or black card respectively.

The strategy here is to lower your betting amounts and place side bets. This way you can place more potential side bets on a budget and still be able to reliably side bet each round. The payout potentials are vast with so many options just be careful not to stretch your resources too thin.

Evolution Lightning Baccarat

Evolution appears once more on our list with an exciting addition Lightning Baccarat. With the success of Lightning Roulette, the idea is the same here as well. Try to receive as many lightning modifiers as you can for crazy payouts. The volatility of this baccarat game is quite high due to the electrifying modifiers. In this manner, it is similar to Evolution’s golden card system from Golden Wealth.

Essentially, the game works as any other baccarat game except that when the betting phase is over the lightning round starts. This is where modifiers like 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 8x are assigned to cards. Players can benefit from these multipliers by drawing appropriate cards with those lightning modifiers for crazy payouts.

Therefore, the main strategy would be following the winners in betting and focusing on player and banker hands with something like the Martingale system. The Martingale can be harder to sustain, but scoring wins with lightning cards can lead to not only breaking even but doubling your losses.

Swintt Live Tiger Bonus

With beautiful violet visuals and a soothing ambiance, Swintt’s Live Tiger Bonus brings us a serene baccarat experience that more action-packed baccarat games like the previous entry lack. Besides the regular baccarat mechanics, Live Tiger Bonus baccarat by Swintt has a special side bet option, the titular Tiger bonus. Before we go over the Tiger bonus the game also features five extensive roadmaps for players where one can spot interesting variations in the core gameplay and exploit them.

The crucial part of the game is of course the Tiger bonus. This side bet is won if the banker side wins with three cards. Those three cards have to have a combined sum of 7. In this case, the banker pushes and the player wins the Tiger side bet instead. Wonder why the game is based wholly around this side bet? Well, it is because the payout for winning the Tigger Bonus is a whopping 40:1 cash prize.

The best strategy is therefore to focus on the player bets leaving out other side bets in the process too. It might even be worth it to reduce your regular betting amounts as in other entries so as to be able to play more rounds.