Both baccarat and blackjack are two very well-known, popular, and historic casino card games. Some gamblers like both games equally, others are fans of either one or the other. There are also players who like to stay away from both. Historically, these games had different images and the attitudes towards them have not always been the same. However, nowadays, due to the spread of online casinos, the difference is not as evident as before.

Baccarat has been considered a stylish game of chance for those who would like to have fun while trying out their luck. With no special care about the decision making and none of the game strategies memorizing. On the other hand, blackjack is for those who would like to learn more about the game mechanics and strategy, retaining some control by carefully considering their gaming decisions.


All card games are games of chance – but in baccarat, your result is entirely random. According to statistics the player’s hand wins in 44.62% of the cases and the banker’s hand losses in 45.86%. After the player has decided to bet on the player, the banker, and the ties, he has no control of how the game further unfolds.

Ties come out rarely, with the probability of 9.53%. Betting on the tie can be thrilling, especially since the payouts are very high: 8 to 1. However, the house advantage on these bets is even higher: over 14. So, taking into account the level of the house edge in baccarat, a player could lose a lot of money if he lacks an understanding of the odds and bets on the tie too much.

When it comes to betting on the player or banker, the odds are 1.24% and 1.06%, respectively. This difference is indeed small, but some people just like to bet “on their own hands” and bet on the player too often. As for the banker, the odds are slightly higher because his hand comes second. Even with the lowest house edge in the baccarat game, always keep in mind that the high stakes could be devastating for the player’s bankroll.


When deciding what to play, you should know that blackjack is considered preferable regarding your bankroll. For instance, minimum bets of $5 can still be found when playing this game.

Before you decide to play blackjack, you must take the time to really learn about the game and how to play it. It is essential in order to make right-playing decisions that will pay off in the long run. Start with the basics, then move on to more advanced stuff, such as different strategies, card counting, and blackjack cheat sheets. If you play along with the theory, you optimize your results and make the game affordable entertainment.


Both baccarat and blackjack can equally either bring you money if you play your cards well or destroy your bankroll if you make mistakes. Ultimately, choosing the perfect game comes down to personal preference. Even though these two games are strikingly similar, they could not be any more different from the way they are played. Are you are looking for the best odds and a chance to reduce the house edge? Play blackjack. You want quick and simple gameplay? Go for baccarat. Both games are incredibly entertaining and a great starting point for anyone wishing to try out table games.