To some players, the Flat Betting baccarat strategy doesn’t sound like much of a strategy at all. It comes down to just repeatedly betting the same amount over and over again. There’s not much nuance there, right?

Well, there’s a reason such an approach is recommended for beginners. There’s also a reason even more complex baccarat strategies still use a similar system of dividing stakes into equal units. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest baccarat flat betting advantages to find out what the fuss is all about.

Flat Betting Minimizes Risks

When first starting out, most baccarat players are expected to lose much more than they win. In fact, basic baccarat strategies for beginners should be focused on not losing instead of winning. To that end, maintaining a constant flow of cash can be quite handy.

To be frank, every baccarat game out there comes with an RTP. Being a game of chance, there’s no real way to overcome that house advantage. Sure, careful bankroll management can result in a small profit even in the long run. However, you should always keep in mind that the game was designed to ensure that the casinos always win. Statistically speaking, this advantage is impossible to overcome.

And remember, even the best baccarat betting systems have their pitfalls. Increasing your stake will inevitably lead you to a dead-end in which you simply have nothing more to bet. Bet flat, and that can’t happen – barring an extremely long and improbable losing streak, of course.

Reinforcing Good Gambling Practices

This flat betting advantage is relatively similar to the one above. However, it’s much broader, and it can teach us everything from how gambling works for casinos to how professional gamblers actually make a living.

If you know how flat betting works in baccarat, you’ll know why some players avoid it. While the risks are as small as possible, the potential profits are also quite tiny. And the more you play, the smaller your profit margin will be. In fact, if you play enough, you’ll be lucky to get a 3% increase in your bankroll.

That may sound dull, but it’s how inning in gambling works. Consider how the house edge in baccarat works, for instance. The advantage of the house is relatively tiny, yet casinos make billions off it each year. That’s how advantage play in baccarat works, too, and any other form of gambling. Even the best card counting technique will barely net you a 1 or 2 percent advantage.

We know everyone dreams of the “big score” that will make them a millionaire overnight. The truth is, though, that even the best gamblers in the world work off of small percentages like these.

Fiat Betting Allows the Miller Strategy

Professional gambler John R. Miller developed a famous gambling system devised a system that makes use of flat betting.

The Miller strategy is quite simple, really. Just bet 1% of your bankroll on every wager, and aim for betting odds of 1.85 to 1.91. Every time you increase your bankroll by 25%, increase the stake by 25%.

If you manage to win at least 53% of your bets, this baccarat strategy guarantees a small profit at the end. With a tiny bit of luck and some careful wagering, you should easily be able to reach that number by repeatedly placing Banker bets.